Pelvic Health Conditions

Pelvic health conditions treated at Hope Physiotherapy include but are not limited to:

  • urinary or fecal incontinence (stress, urge, mixed)
  • pelvic organ prolapse (feelings of heaviness and pressure in the vaginal opening)
  • pelvic pain
    • dyspareunia (pain with intercourse)
    • dysmenorrhea (pain with menstruation)
    • vaginismus (involuntary muscle spasms preventing opening of the vagina)
    • coccydynia (tailbone pain)
  • urinary frequency/overactive bladder
  • constipation
  • interstitial cystitis (bladder pain syndrome)
  • prenatal and post-partum core and pelvic floor weakness
  • diastasis recti abdominus (abdominal separation)
  • pelvic girdle, low back, hip pain